Wednesday, July 16, 2014

. . . Welcome to the 125K Club?

Last weekend I received an email from someone I did not know, the subject of which was a rather cryptic "Welcome to the 125K Club!" - so I almost deleted it without reading it under the assumption that it was spam from someone trying to sell me something...

Curiosity got the better of me though, so I opened it in preparation for deleting it and was surprised to discover that it was not actually spam, and the sender was not trying to sell me something.

In fact it appears to be a sincere letter praising me for accomplishing something I didn't know I had done - or perhaps I knew it but I certainly had not been actively thinking About it.

My official Gamertag status thingy shows I actually do have that much Gamerscore?!

The 125K Club

What the subject was referring to was the total number of points in my Microsoft Xbox LIVE account and, specifically, the number of video game Achievement Points that I had accrued on my Xbox LIVE Gamertag - which actually totals 137,385G spanning 6-Years of play time as an Xbox LIVE Gold Member...

To put that in perspective for you, the typical totals for my friends (those being the people on my social and friends list on Xbox LIVE that I actually know in real life, and not simply the members of that list who I just play games with - listed by name, gamerscore, and the number of years they have been playing on LIVE) are as follows:

  • AutumnBF (3,586G) 4-Years
  • Boy Scout Jeff (9,231G) 5-Years
  • CCRedaktor (13,970G) 4-Years
  • Climbingz (7,165G) 4-Years
  • Cjammer (13,731G) 8-Years
  • GSGlenn (11,931G) 3-Years
  • Gunner Guy33 (30,220G) 2-Years
  • Panda317 (5G) 2-Years
  • RUPufnstuf (53,464G) 9-Years
  • Sm00cheez (1,535G) 2-Years
  • Swash01 (27,317G) 4-Years
  • YvonneBF (3,285G) 4-Years

The average accumulation for casual gamers appears to be a few thousand G a year, while those among my friends who use games as a form of social entertainment is around 8K per year.

Those are respectable numbers it should be noted, whereas my Gamerscore is not really respectable for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that (a) I don't actually pay for the games that I play, and (b) I don't usually have a choice about which games I play - the reason for that being that playing games is a significant part of how I earn a living.

I am not saying that reaching 125K Gamerscore - or even 100K Gamerscore is not an accomplishment because for a lot of gamers I am sure that it is...  The thing is I wasn't actually trying to do that, it just happened.

The other thing is - and I say this with the most sincere respect to the gamers who earned their G, this just happened to me, it wasn't like I was trying.

So hey, thanks for the email and the praise - but I don't really deserve it...

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