Sunday, July 20, 2014

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Recently I have been receiving more than the usual number of requests for old columns from readers.

Specifically the requests have included columns that address issues like home and small business computer and network security -- with several columns whose subject is firewalls in particular being quite popular.

With that in mind I thought I would list them below -- with the links to the online versions that are served from the Times' award-winning website

Firewall and Net Security
Communications and Email Security
Personal Digital Security
You should get the idea from the above selection what I am talking about in terms of subject matter...

If you are looking for an old column or article you should know that I keep a complete list of the columns - organized by date published - in an online Portfolio that you can find on my website. Just use this link or plug in the following URL in your preferred browser:

In addition to requests for copies of old columns there have been a large (and increasing) number of email messages asking for the ISBN numbers for my books offering collected columns from Digital Grind... The thing is, no such books exist.

I am starting to wonder if they should?

If you are a reader of my Digital Grind column, and like the idea of me creating some column collections in book form, would you mind very much letting me know that? You can email me at my primary address ( and just tell me what you would be interested in - what column subjects you would like to see in such a book?

If I can get a good handle on what the reader wants, that certainly improves the chances of creating it!

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