Friday, January 10, 2014

Xbox Kinect problems on Xbox One

Sometimes it seems that even the best ideas can have a hidden weakness -- which is why real-world tests should always be a major element in the Beta Testing of products like the Xbox One and Kinect in my opinion...

I was playing the new Need For Speed: Rivals game on my Xbox One yesterday and I noticed some really strange behavior -- I would be ripping up the road having a winning good time and then suddenly and without warning the game camera would snap to a rear-view, causing me to no longer be able to see where I am going and crash my car.

"WTH?" I recall thinking.

It did this several times and I could not for the life of me figure out why. 

Shortly after the camera glitch -- or what I thought was a glitch -- I was driving along and the game screen suddenly switched to the Map display -- thing thing about that is that Rivals does not have a Pause Menu -- the only way to pause the game is to go into one of the hideouts scattered around the city!

So if you guessed that I ended up crashing well, yeah, I did.

The Solution...

It turns out that what was happening here -- I kid you not -- was the Xbox Kinect was picking up phrases from the game itself, the audio of the police radio no less -- and interpreting them as commands like "Map" or "Look Back" and the like, and so executing the commands!

I have not been this amused since I saw the video of Siri on two iPhones talking to each other...

If you run into this problem the only option that you have is to turn the Kinect off via the menu on your Xbox One.  Sigh.  Way to go Microsoft!

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