Saturday, May 9, 2009

Way-out plug-ins for your computer


The subject of this post is the title of my 14 April Column in Digital Grind, the piece being about USB devices of a whimsical nature that you can plug into your computer.

At the end of the column, I suggested that if any of my readers found a whimsical USB device that I had missed, they should drop me an email and let me know about it - and here is the list so far!

Already Covered in the Column
  • Laser Guided Missile Launcher
  • USB Heated Slippers
  • USB Heated Gloves
  • The Scent 2.0 USB Aromatherapy Burner
  • T-Light Bevereage Warmer
  • USB Fridge
  • USB Desk Lamp and Fan
  • USB Digital Microscope
  • Optimus Maximus Video Keyboard
  • Top Tag USB Pet ID
  • George Foreman USB Grill
  • USB Piggy Alarm Clock

Submitted by Readers
  • USB Self-Destruct Button
    A desktop device complete with an arming key and a flip-up cover protecting the self-destruct button. According to the website it includes sound effects and, according to comments posted by fans, has the capability of controlling or restricting access to certain programs on your computer - unless you have the key!
    (Submitted by Jon K. from Bourne)

  • USB Hamster Wheel
    A fuzzy little hamster, a big red wheel, and your USB port! As you type on your keyboard, the hamster begins to run - the faster you type, the faster it runs! Talk about being part of the rat-race!
    (Submitted by Kim O from Wellfleet, and Rob W. from East Falmouth)

  • Swiss Army 1GB USB Flash Drive
    Talk about being prepared! This device contains all of the bits you would expect to find on a Swiss Army Knife, including the knife, nail file, scissors - and even a flash light! It also has a 1GB Flash Drive built-in - but I have to wonder if the good folks at TSA would have a problem with me carrying it onto the airplane...
    (Submitted by Jeff S from Boston)

  • USB Pole Dancer
    Sadly you cannot purchase this - but it is worthy of mention here as they were sold for a few weeks before Marks & Spencer pulled them off the shelf due to protests from outraged moral-minding citiznes - see the Mail Online News Story - which I suppose I can understand in a way. If you just ahve to know what it would have been like to own one, check out this video on YouTube.
    (Submitted by Kris J, from Dennis)

  • USB Puppy CAM
    I cannot believe I missed this one! His name is Cooper, he is fuzzy, he is a puppy, he is a web camera, and he is only $25!
    (Submitted by Sara V, from Mashpee)
That is it for now - if you have seen one not mentioned here be sure to let me know! Email your strange USB devices with a link to!

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